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4. (833) 843-1277 | (833) The1App T he C loud B iz A pp . com

1. The Cloud Biz App Successful Business Life Cycle using our App Failure not using our APP Success using our APP We provide cloud software solutions for every size company, across every role, in every part of the world Software to run your business in the cloud, for any professional business owner ... Simple, Easy, All-In-One App Software to run any type business in the Cloud Our Value Proposition = CRM + ERP + Lead Generation + Multi-Market Channel Selling + eCommerce website + Mobile Voice Interface + Outsourcing our back-o ffi ce administration sta ff

3. Simple, Easy, All-In-One App Software to run your business in the Cloud The Cloud Biz App ECOMMERCE | SALES | ACCOUNTING | POINT OF SALE | PROJECT MGMT | INVENTORY | CRM/ERP | QUOTES | WORK ORDERS | INVOICING | WEBSITE | SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS | CONTACTS | PURCHASES | MANUFACTURING | REPAIRS | TIMESHEETS | SURVEYS | EMPLOYEES | CALENDAR | ATTENDANCES | EXPENSE MGMT| EQUIPMENT MGMT | DASHBOARDS | REPORTS | MARKETING | LEAD AUTOMATION | POINT OF SALE | MASS MAILING | PRICING METHODS | PRODUCT MGMT | You get All This for one low price ... Ideal for any type business, here are a few: Lawn Care,Landscapers,Painters,Electricians,Plumbers HVAC,Drywall,Roofers,Lighting,Suppliers,Vendors, Contractors,Construction,Manufacturing,Warehouse, Distribution,Interior,Textile & Furniture Design, Education,Learning,College & Universities, and more...

2. What is The Cloud Biz App ? We’re the innovative company behind a Business Software Suite Platform There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage — you just log in and get to work. “The Cloud Biz App” platform gives you the fastest, most complete way to put your customers at the center of everything you do .. Join OUR NETWORK Software Suite and make your COMPANY a better place. You will be amazed .. Streamline your sales, service, manage projects, marketing, and more with the world’s most proven and loved customer relationship management solution. T he c loud B iz A pp . com 2 million users grow their busines with this technology $45 per month for 1-user includes website +41 % I want to find more customers Build your lead volume +35 % I want to close more customers Increase Sale Revenue +44 % I want to keep customers Happier See a jump in customer retention +51 % I want to connect my business Run everything on One Platform increase in leads increase in sales revenue increase in loyalty App Integration All In One Discover more about The Cloud Biz App With Cloud Biz App fully integrated 360 degree business management software, you can easily manage your meetings, schedule business calls, create work orders, customers, invoice, create recurring meetings, synchronize your agenda and easily keep in touch with yor colleagues, partners and other people involved in projects or business discussions. One Uni fi ed App for Professional Business Owners.


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